Contractor Spotlight: Aziz Aziz

Staffing Spotlight
Posting date: 27 June 2023

Interview with Aziz Aziz, Lab Technician, 1 year at HN

Tell us about yourself, what’s your background?

I am a student at Seattle University. I'm studying electrical and computer engineering. I moved to Seattle from Chicago.

What do you like about working with Harvey Nash USA?

I like how things are consistent. I've only been contracted with the current company I am at and so I don't have experience working other contracts. Still, Harvey Nash has been painless and consistent with support and help when needed.

Can you tell us about your successes at work?

Being a student, I was hired with the knowledge that I would be learning many things as time went on. Very quickly I learned programming languages I've never touched, protocols I've never used and pushed what skills I did have further than before. I've been able to create tools to help support fellow QA and engineers while also facilitating help for those outside of engineering within the company.

Tell us something fun about yourself? Hobbies, playlist, favorite movies,

I enjoy tinkering with electronics, 3d printing/CAD and electric scooters. If it has electronics I'll mess with it.