Congratulations to Bharath Kothapalli: Harvey Nash USA's Employee Spotlight of the Month

Staffing Spotlight
Posting date: 31 January 2023

Bharath has transformed the expectation of the Account Manager role for us. He has been a major asset to our team countless times in the last 12 months, and has been able to jump in and tackle any situation that’s come his way.  He is dependable, organized, committed, and always has a great attitude.

by Keegan Banks, Senior Vice President of Client Delivery 

Interview with Bharath Kothapalli, Account Manager, 3 years 4 months at Harvey Nash 

Tell us more about your business, how many people, and what markets do you focus on?

I’m an Account Manager & I support two MSP Client accounts. My job typically is to pull reports for the submissions & interviews of the candidates. Following up with the client to check on their candidacy and collecting the candidate's feedback so that we can use it for future interviews.


Tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you been with Harvey Nash, and what’s your background?

I hold a Master’s degree in Computer Applications. I was introduced to the staffing industry by one of my friends & I started my career as a Technical Recruiter. However, In 2019, I got an opportunity to be the Account Co-coordinator of this esteemed organization & I do not want to miss out on this opportunity, because I love interacting with the client side & I wanted something where I can take ownership completely. I got promoted to Account Manager in April 2022.


What’s the biggest opportunity for your business right now?

The volume was lower during the holidays, so we weren't able to focus as much, but now that the holidays are over, the volume has gone up, so we help the team focus on the opportunities that have arisen. Due to the overwhelming volume of submissions, we have the opportunity to have interviews, then we can push for feedback from the client, and then we can have a placement. 


…and what’s the biggest challenge?

We've been experiencing a challenge because managers are slow to share feedback or move on postings, which has resulted in candidates becoming unavailable in the market before we can get them an interview with our clients.

In the current challenging market, we are losing candidates who have already had an offer in hand and are deciding based on their opportunity when we send them an interview request.

What are you looking forward to in this new year?

In my role, where there is a lot of interaction with our customers & candidates. I look forward to providing them with the best “customer experience” for the stakeholders I deal with regularly. I also want to be proactive, committed & detail-oriented in whatever I do as an Account Manager.


And finally…

What’s on your playlist? I like listening to Bala Subramanyam songs and music by MM Keeravani. 

Hobbies: I love watching movies, traveling, and trekking, but lately, I love spending time with my 3-month-old son.

Dream vacation: European countries like Italy, and France.

Tell us something we don’t know about you? 

I used to play Basketball at the district level in my school days.

I get into a song and play it repeatedly until I'm tired of it. Then I'll serenade my wife with the lyrics until she's had enough.