Contractor Spotlight: Raymond Evelyn

Staffing Spotlight
Posting date: 15 May 2023

Raymond joined the Site Reliability Engineering Team. He immediately started to contribute not only to projects he was initially brought in but also partnered with Staff level SREs on other complex initiatives, including large migrations of a few services. He has received great feedback on his performance from the Hiring Manager several times. 

- Tomasz Wojtowicz, Senior Technical Recruiter

 Interview with Raymond Evelyn, Senior Site Reliability Engineer, 2 Months

Tell us about yourself; what’s your professional background? 

My background is Network Engineering that transitioned to the cloud with DevOps, SRE and Solutions Architecture.  I am very passionate of anything cloud and automation and how software practices can be leveraged to produce Infrastructure as Code.  I particularly enjoy working with developers to get source control repositories prepped with code and pipelines and seeing an idea come to life to solve product or services for business objectives.

What do you like about working with Harvey Nash USA? 

Harvey Nash is a great place to work. Honestly, they have HR related topics and processes very well organized from the interview phase all the way down to onboarding, contract management and health insurance not only from the web applications provided but the people behind them.  Tom W. and the rest of the team are incredible. They follow up send you emails and call you just to make sure everything is going ok.  You don't find many companies that do this. They genuinely care about you...

Can you tell us about your successes at work? (Please keep client confidentiality in mind) 

I have worked with several companies throughout my career ranging from the service provider world in telecom, to Mixed reality devices, ecommerce, retail, SAAS providers, and software creators. Each one has presented different challenges and success stories.  I enjoy working on things that unite technology with humans and provide capabilities that are useful to us in a meaningful way. Many sweet moments that I will cherish for a long time...

Tell us something fun about yourself. Hobbies, playlist, favorite movies,  

My hobbies are spending time with my family, tinkering in my home computer lab, weightlifting, and reading about tech."