Reduce hiring costs with brand-engaged talent pools

Navigating today’s unprecedented talent shortage requires innovative talent acquisition strategies and independent Direct Sourcing curation is proving to be a highly effective solution. 

As your independent Direct Sourcing Curation partner, we work alongside your existing MSP and VMS, leveraging your employer branding to build and engage a community of skilled contingent workers, optimizing hiring speed and cost.

Our track record

$5 million+ savings through topline rate card management

Over $500K cost saving on margin annually

Over 60% roles released were filled by Harvey Nash's independent Direct Sourcing Curation Team 

Enhanced onboarding experience for contingent talent through our dedicated contractor care function

Improved efficiency and cost savings through outsourcing of contactor employment and payrolling to Harvey Nash 

How does Independent Direct Sourcing work?

As your independent Direct Sourcing Curation partner, our team operates under your brand, powering your company’s employer value proposition to attract contractors and temporary talent into specialized and segmented talent pools. 

Through consistent communication, we effectively build a community of brand-engaged and readily available talent, allowing you to tap into this valuable resource when needed. New opportunities are released to them through the Customer Relationship Technology that integrates with your MSP and VMS.

Why Independent Direct Sourcing Curation? 

Independent from your MSP or VMS, our focus is firmly on delivering the best value and service to you as a client. Representing your brand, we improve candidate quality by using our 35+ years’ of resourcing expertise to build self-sustaining talent pools specific to the needs and requirements of your business. 

Harvey Nash Direct Sourcing team augment the talent pools with additional contingent workers through multi-channel sourcing. Through this approach, we speed up time to hire while reducing overall agency spend.

Why choose Harvey Nash as your independent Direct Sourcing Curation Partner?

Cost savings

Typically, 30% cost savings on referred candidates. Working to agreed reductions on not to exceed rates impacting top line costs driving enormous cost savings.

Talent pool curation

We have extensive experience of building talent pools of scarce skillsets to support current and future projects or in-demand skills, accessing multiple channels including employee and hiring manager networks.

Candidate experience

Our curated talent community consists of pre-qualified contingent workers who actively engage with your brand and express interest in specific areas of your business. By maintaining consistent communication around your Employee Value Proposition, we enhance the candidate's experience.


Shortlist delivered within 48 hours.

Extension to your team

Dedicated, experienced client- branded team that works exclusively for your business.


Flexible solution that scales with your talent needs with oversight from local talent experts.

Unlock the Power of Direct Sourcing

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What our clients say

Harvey Nash have been a supplier for over 15 years, so they were a logical choice to launch our contingent direct sourcing programme. Their commitment to working closely with TalentNet, the technology platform and Tapfin our MSP, has enabled them to make significant inroads into the first year’s fulfilment target. We look forward to evolving the direct source proposition with our partners and for direct sourcing to become a fundamental pillar of our Workforce on Demand programme supply chain.

Andrew Roberts, bp.

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