The Art of Resume Updating: International Update your Resume Month

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Posting date: 28 September 2023
Did you know that this month is International Update Your Resume Month? What better time to give your resume a well-deserved makeover! Your resume is your professional calling card, a document that tells your career story and opens doors to new opportunities. Whether you're actively job hunting, aiming for a promotion, or simply want to keep your professional profile current, keeping your resume up to date is crucial. With that said, let’s dive into the process of updating your resume step by step. Getting you on your way to creating a standout resume that showcases your skills and experiences effectively.


1. Assess Your Career Goals:

Before diving into resume updates, it's essential to understand your career goals and objectives. Consider where you want to be professionally and what you want your resume to communicate about your journey. Take time to reflect on your short-term and long-term aspirations. Once you have your goals identified you can start to tailor your resume toward telling that story best.

2. Revamp the Work Experience Section:

When updating your job descriptions, focus on achievements and quantifiable results. Use action verbs to make your accomplishments more impactful. Include specific examples of projects you've excelled in and how you contributed to your previous employers' success. Use metrics and numbers whenever possible to quantify your achievements. Showcase both hard skills (technical abilities) and soft skills (communication, leadership, teamwork) that are relevant to your field. Explain how these skills have contributed to your success in previous roles.

3. Proofread and Edit:

This step is the most overlooked and easiest to notice with it is. Thoroughly proofread your resume to eliminate typos and grammatical errors. Consider seeking feedback from peers or professionals in your industry to ensure quality. A well-edited resume reflects attention to detail and professionalism. When proofreading make sure you updated your name, phone number, email address, and LinkedIn profile. Ensure your contact information is professional, up to date, and easy to reach.

4. Save Your Resume in Different Formats:

Save your resume in both PDF and Word formats to accommodate different application methods and systems. Sending your resume in PDF format is generally preferred because it preserves the formatting.

Updating your resume is a crucial step in advancing your career. It's your opportunity to shine and present your qualifications effectively to potential employers. By following these steps and maintaining a polished and up-to-date resume, you'll be better equipped to pursue your professional goals and seize new opportunities.

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Remember, your resume is an evolutionary document that changes and grows with you and your career. Regular updates ensure that it always reflects your current skills and experiences, making it a powerful tool for success in the professional world. Good luck!