Harvey Nash’s Year-End Career Advice for a Brighter 2023

Blog Post
Posting date: 20 December 2022

As 2022 winds down, many workers are gearing up to end the year on a strong note. So, what does this look like for you? 

Is it more job security? A better financial footing? More quality time with your family and friends? Maybe you’re ready to make the transition that will take your career to the next level or find a workplace that is a better fit

We want to help you start the new year on the right foot. To help you get there, Harvey Nash USA has compiled the top career advice to make the most of this last month in 2022. 

Improve Your Online Presence 

Think of your online presence as if it's your own little universe. It's all about you. The time you spend filling out the details about yourself, your skills and your career goals can be the critical information a hiring manager needs to make a decision. 

A good strategy for sharing on LinkedIn is to share without stressing out about search engine rankings or likes. Some hiring managers may be impressed by lots of likes. But they'll be more concerned with how you think, communicate and tackle dynamic challenges. 

Just like your recruiter should be doing everything they can to pitch you to your future employer, your online presence can do some of the heavy lifting in making a case for why you're the best fit in their company. In addition, a strong online presence can be instrumental to a highly competitive interview process in which hiring managers and recruiters are quickly trying to understand everything they can about you and your work.  

Clarify Your Goals for the End of the Year and Beyond 

One of the most common resolutions every year is to set measurable goals. But setting career goals may be one of the hardest things for workers to accomplish. 

For many people who are currently employed, defining their career goals can be difficult because, quite simply, they already have a job. Even if it's a job they don't enjoy and one they're considering leaving, without the urgency of unemployment, taking an honest assessment of your career goals might not be a top priority. 

For unemployed job seekers the urgency to lock down that next role and return to job security often takes precedence over clearly defining what you want and where you want 2023 to take you. But it can be handy to take even 15 minutes to sketch out what's important to you and your career and identify the ideal employers who can get you there. Job seekers who have even a rough outline of their desires will be far more likely to get what they're looking for.  

Make Sure You’re Being Paid Appropriately 

When was your last raise? If you are one of the countless employees who are growing impatient waiting for their boss to increase their salary, it may be time to take matters into your own hands.  

These days, many workers are changing jobs more frequently because the pay increase, they can get in a new role is better than a merit increase in their old one. We suggest having an honest conversation with your recruiter about what you're making now and what you think you should be making. 

At Harvey Nash, we help candidates better understand the marketability of their skill set. We take all the information we have about you—your location, work history, and technical expertise—and put it together for a clearer picture of where you may land on your industry’s pay spectrum.  

Knowledge is power. The more clarity you have around your compensation, how it compares with other workers in similar roles, and what you could make, the better. Knowing where you stand in your industry could be the key to helping you decide whether it's time for a new career in the new year.  

Talk To Us About Your End-of-Year Goals

The best sign that you're ready for a change could be as simple as a gut feeling. We encourage workers to follow that gut feeling and see where it leads. What are your priorities for the end of the year? Are you ready to pack your bags and start fresh somewhere new in 2023? Or could you benefit from a refresher course in your industry?  

If your gut feeling turns out to be correct and you're ready to move on, our Recruitment Consultants can help. Harvey Nash USA offers nationwide recruiting services aimed at helping workers find their next job. Learn more about how we can help you end the year strong and make 2023 the best year for your career. Contact us today.