How Our Predictive Staffing Model Helps Our MSP Partners Win

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Posting date: 25 January 2022

It’s difficult to understate the value of data in the staffing industry. With good information put to good use, you can accomplish almost anything. And while we’ve never had access to more data than we do now, many agencies aren’t using their business intelligence properly, if they’re using it at all.

Just like the dynamic clients we partner with worldwide; we believe in using data to drive better business decisions for the benefit of our customers and candidates. And we’ve taken our commitment to utilizing data a step further.

We’ve turned our unique approach to data analytics and implementation with industry-leading business intelligence platforms into a proprietary staffing model in which we’re able to customize and track everything we do. This model is known as predictive staffing.

What Is Predictive Staffing?

Predictive staffing is our ground-breaking approach to providing swift and effective staffing solutions that keep us one step ahead of the competition.

While most companies respond to staffing requests as they come in, we go one step further and forecast what talent you'll need next—and have it available for you when you need it. Predictive staffing allows us to take a proactive approach to our work—meaning you'll make the right hires the first time, over and again.

Our Unique Approach

At Harvey Nash, we developed this predictive staffing model with one thing in mind: to know our clients' exact needs through intentional and forensic strategies.

Each of our clients works with a dedicated team of recruitment experts that learn your wants, needs, and pain points. We use this information to create a customized data baseline so that, as we dive into the data, we can measure each candidate according to your company and whether they’d be a great fit or fall short. 

Knowing our clients and interpreting the data can predict what talent a client will need next. To ensure success, we break our predictive staffing model into four steps:

1 - Dedicated Teams

The first step is to connect the new client with a senior-level team of client delivery leadership, recruitment leadership, day-to-day account management, and recruiting team members with the company and an expert in their client’s industry. Our specialized service delivery team is devoted to the companies they work with. Each member is well-versed in the environment and rules of engagement in those companies' industries. We're ready to build a relationship with our clients that will grow in focus, strategy, and productivity over time.

2 - Business Intelligence

The second step is to create an ongoing strategy for the new client. Harvey Nash's teams are constantly gathering business insights to understand a client's talent utilization trends and forecast the types of technical and functional skill sets that will move their company forward in the future. Each client's designated team focuses only on their business, providing them with a valuable strategic partner that is laser-focused on their success.

3 - Simplified Operations

The third step is to make the client's job easier! We help our customers cut through the clutter to hire better individuals faster, with a more extensive vetting and submission procedure than other businesses. Our multi-step phone and in-person candidate interviews assess the technical and soft skills required for a successful match. As a result, clients can rely on us to properly examine each applicant before even knowing their names.

4 - Continuous Planning

The final step is all about planning ahead. We'll put together and manage a customized pipeline of competent, work-ready candidates for our clients, which will be updated on a regular basis depending on their projected business needs. So, when clients require talent fast, Harvey Nash is already one step ahead.

Interested in Learning More About Harvey Nash's Predictive Staffing Model?

At Harvey Nash, our teams of specialists partner with their clients to help them grow. We are here to help with your direct-hire, contract staffing, RPO, executive search, and MSP/VMS partnerships. To learn more about our proprietary predictive staffing model and how we can leverage data to help you find the talent you need to grow your business, contact Harvey Nash today.