Contractor Spotlight: Dennaye Cusick

Success Stories
Posting date: 17 April 2023

It’s been a pleasure to work with Dennaye from the start. She has this positiveness that she approaches any circumstance with and makes any communication flow smooth. 

She has worked with some amazing brands as a Print Production Producer / Manager and is continuing to build up her strengths and contribute to her team’s success. 

by Aakanksha Rathi, ETD Recruiting Lead

Tell us about yourself, what’s your background?

I’m from Chicago, where I began working in marketing at an advertising agency. After living & working in New York for 6 years, I made my way west to the Bay Area for my current position.

What do you like about working with Harvey Nash USA?

Harvey Nash has helped my entire experience of changing jobs run smoothly. Aakansha reached out to me right as I was beginning my job search and guided me through the interview process, getting an offer & having everything in place with HR so I was ready to go by my start date.


Can you tell us about your successes at work? (Please keep client confidentiality in mind)


Four seasons that I’ve worked on have gone live in stores across the globe!

Tell us something fun about yourself? Hobbies, playlist, favorite movies,

I’m training for the San Francisco Half Marathon in July and have started exploring new scenic trails to run. Since I’ve moved to the Bay Area, I’ve been finding beautiful trails along the ocean and checking out delicious seafood restaurants afterwards.