Higher Education Success Story - University of Dundee

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Posting date: 11 April 2024

Securing top talent against challenging market conditions to help deliver the University of Dundee's digital transformation.  

The University of Dundee wanted to streamline their internal systems by replacing outdated departmental networks with TechnologyOne as their technology vendor of choice. This would provide an integrated solution for HR, Payroll, Finance and Research which would enhance the overall student experience.


To enhance the university's ranking through this Digital Transformation Program – OneUniversity - key resources were required including change, data, and development skills. The University of Dundee required a recruitment partner to support the implementation and augment their in-house existing team and recruit new resources.


At the time, the market was highly competitive, and Dundee was a difficult location to recruit in. Harvey Nash was engaged to recruit and help raise awareness for the transformation program in the tech talent market, with the aim of attracting local candidates from Dundee and the surrounding area.


Our approach focused on understanding the culture of the university, their team and ambitions so we could effectively communicate their Employer Value Proposition. As well as committing to a 48-hour turnaround on CVs, we also streamlined the recruitment process, introducing a one-stage panel interview process to retain candidates in a highly competitive market and challenging location.

“Harvey Nash’s exclusive partnership transformed our Digital Transformation Program at Dundee University with top-tier talent, ensuring a seamless process and successful project outcomes.”

by Carrie Masterton, PMO/ HR Manager, Dundee University

The Results

Sourcing candidates from the local market:

We focused our candidate search within Dundee and surrounding areas to ensure talent was not only skilled but also readily available for the university's needs.

Speed to hire:

We agreed to a 48-hour resume turnaround and created an efficient one-stage panel interview which expedited the hiring process, keeping pace with the project's demand and reducing candidate dropouts due to the competitive market.

Relationship partnership:

The exclusive partnership allowed Harvey Nash to gain deep insights into the university's needs, leading to tailored recruitment strategies and enhanced candidate-manager relationships, which contributed to the successful advancement of the Digital Transformation Program.

For more information, reach out to Kevin Owens at kevin.owens@harveynash.com