Contractor Success Spotlight: Alejandra Ortiz

Success Stories
Posting date: 22 July 2022

Meet Alejandra Ortiz, Integrated Marketing Coordinator at Harvey Nash USA 

 We selected Alejandra for our Contractor Spotlight due to her exceptional work ethic, enthusiasm, and as a great representative of Harvey Nash USA. As a Marketing Coordinator, Alejandra has been such a great addition to our client’s team that they have extended her contract and have made investments in her for the long term. Additionally, Alejandra has been great to work with since our first connection, during the interview process, and all through her assignment. – Randy Roe Senior Technical Recruiter   

Interview with Alejandra

Tell us about yourself, what’s your background? 

Early on, I developed my career working with start-up companies in fast-paced, unpredictable environments. I later transitioned into the higher education industry, working in marketing roles that centered on diversity, equity, and inclusion. During the first few years of my career, I was involved in all creative aspects of launching marketing campaigns from the ground up—refining my skills in project management, research, branding, and graphic design. 

I am now working as an Integrated Marketing Coordinator for one of Harvey Nash USA’s clients that’s a global media company!  

What do you like about working with Harvey Nash USA? 

Harvey Nash has been nothing short of amazing. They have been very communicative, resourceful, and encouraging from the beginning. Their recruiters value and advocate for their contractors.   

Can you tell us about your successes at work? 

Because my current team is small, I’ve been able to be extremely hands-on in promotional planning strategies as well as collaborating and networking with other synergy teams throughout the parent company.  
I’ve worked alongside welcoming individuals who are deeply passionate about their roles within the media and publishing industry and who want to see me succeed.  

Tell us something fun about yourself? Hobbies, playlist, favorite movies,  

During my free time, I love to travel, paint, practice yoga, and go on nature walks––anything that gets me into a creative flow.