Harvey Nash USA are finalist in the TIARA US Talent Solutions Awards 2022

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Posting date: 04 April 2022

We are pleased to announce we have once again been named a finalist in the TIARA US Talent Solutions Awards.

"Harvey Nash USA is pleased to be a finalist for two Tiara Awards, The 1099 Policy Long-Term Partnership Award and The ESG Award. Both of these awards acknowledge Harvey Nash USA’s track record of being a long standing partner for our clients and contractors as well as our unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact through our ESG programs. This recognition is truly a testament to our teams focus and determination to be the best. We appreciate TALiNT Partners and the TIARA award program for recognizing Harvey Nash USA’s achievements." - Jason Pyle, President, Harvey Nash USA

THE 1099POLICY LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP AWARD - This Award looks for evidence of genuine partnership over a period of at least five years. It will look at both sustained success and continuous improvement but can also include major improvement and/or turnaround scenarios.

THE ESG AWARD - This Award recognizes organisations who demonstrate a clear commitment to an ESG program, creating a positive impact both through their own organization, as well as through their impact on their clients.

Find out more information on the TALiNT Partners Website.