Value Proposition

Domain Specialization - We know your market space
Our sector specialization and domain-centric capability coupled with our global search platform means we are respected, have established credibility in our respective specialist sectors, have knowledge of and access to the best talent and are aware of market developments, trends, talent attributes and availability.

A Passion for Executive Search
The Harvey Nash Team is comprised of executive search professionals who share a common purpose - the delivery of search excellence and a commitment to execution.

Our Success Is Predicated on Action Orientated Execution & Delivery Success
Our business model is predicated on delivery - a detailed review of our established client list will illustrate how our success in completing Search # 1 resulted in our winning searches # 2, 3 and 4 etc...

Our Fees & Fee Structure
Our business model is retained but our fee structure places significant emphasis on delivery - put simply Harvey Nash Executive Search 'always has skin in the game'.

We Know How to Build Effective Management Teams
A number of our clients have more than one 'talent gap' - they typically need to refresh, upgrade and/or build a new management team to deliver strategy and achieve objectives. We have a proven track record in securing C-level and VP-level talent across the gamut of functionality and understand the importance of common inter-personal traits and attributes.

We Drive the Process
We share a common goal with our clients - successful execution - therefore we not only manage the search process but we drive it and encourage feedback and interaction throughout.

Our Methodology Is Transparent
We provide an updated status report on an ongoing weekly basis.

What We Do

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