Search Process

Life Cycle of the Search Process
Introductory Meeting
Our initial meeting is highly consultative and gives Harvey Nash an opportunity to learn more about your needs and your company. We gather your current talent requirements in order to understand how a successful search will affect your business.

We cover at length how the new hire will contribute to your success, what skills and experience are essential and the level of compensation that would be appropriate considering market conditions. Subsequent to this meeting, we prepare a proposal and assignment brief describing the role and ideal candidate.

Constructing an Effective Search Strategy
We develop a comprehensive assignment brief combining what we've learned from you with our own knowledge of your industry. The result is a strategy that is able to answer two critical questions:

  1. Where are the best candidates likely to be now?
  2. How do we present your company's opportunity so it attracts credible interest from the outset?

Candidate Identification & Evaluation
We take a thorough "research" approach to finding the best candidates. We leverage our industry contacts and identify the competitor companies where target candidates work. We then approach these individuals to understand their aspirations and, if we feel there is a potential fit, inform them of the opportunity. The result from this proven process is a concise, vetted shortlist of the strongest candidates in the marketplace.

In evaluating our target candidate list, we personally meet/interview each individual. We describe and build earnest interest in your opportunity while closely reviewing their professional background and experience.

Lastly, we choose the most qualified talent and create interview assessment briefs that detail our evaluation of each top candidate. This process adds critical value as you are provided with a meaningful overview of the candidate's history. Ultimately, this will provide an early indication of the match for both the candidate and the company.

Interviewing Candidates
Collaborating with your team, we create the best possible interview process to meet your schedule. We provide details on location and interview team members all the while making sure that candidates understand the full specifications of the job for which they are interviewing. Following your interviews, we debrief you and the candidates and broker communications among all parties.

Reference Checks & Credentials
We rigorously conduct reference and credential checks as we strongly believe that the more you know, the better you will understand candidate strengths and weakness. In addition, early reference checks can accelerate the on-boarding process after a candidate is hired. We take a full 360-degree approach to our reference checks allowing for a balanced perspective on the candidate.

Choose the Best Candidate
Up to this point, information has been exchanged extensively on the search details and feedback. The next stage is to decide which candidate from the shortlist is best suited to your need.

At this point, our role is to facilitate communication that promotes full disclosure of both the client and candidate interests and concerns. We work to ensure the strengths and weaknesses of all potential matches are clearly understood and encourage you to choose the best candidate.

Developing the Best Offer
The search process can succeed or fail at this critical stage. Our responsibility is to consult on what it will take in today's market to develop an offer that will close the deal with your selected candidate. We work with your team to develop an offer comprising base compensation, bonuses, equity, relocation and perquisites that both you and the candidate are ultimately satisfied accepting.

Negotiating the Best Offer & Onboarding Initiation
As the closing of the candidate offer approaches, we are the "representative" who presents the offer to the candidate on behalf of your company. This approach allows both parties to candidly express concerns and ask ordinary questions. Start dates are determined, and we help the candidate manage a successful disengagement process with their current employer.

Finally, your selected candidate - the best candidate for the job - is ready to begin a new job and start contributing to your business' success!

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