EP 23: Shaun Tomson, Surf Icon and Bestselling Author

April 22, 2020

As we all face unique challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this episode of Walk The Tech Talk takes a decidedly different approach. Instead of discussing tech trends or IT leadership advice, Anna interviews Shaun Tomson, a man of myriad talents. Not only is Shaun an inspiring athlete, entrepreneur and philanthropist, he is also a bestselling author and keynote speaker with a focus on how we can find small ways to make a positive impact on the world we live in.

Shaun and Anna discuss his career as a professional surfer, how and why he created “The Code,” his committed and positive leadership philosophy, and how you can apply these principles to make the most out of this unexpected time. 

Whether you’re a tech professional, Harvey Nash client or colleague, or a friend or family member, this special episode of Walk The Tech Talk will inspire and motivate you to make small changes for the greater good. Join Anna and learn from the strategies and accomplishments of this episode’s special trailblazer.