EP 21: Camille Tate, Manager of Talent Acquisition at The Beck Group

March 11, 2020

On this episode of Walk The Tech Talk, Anna interviews Camille Tate, a talent acquisition visionary and recruiting expert with a passion for diversity in the technology industry. As Manager of Talent Acquisition at the Beck Group in Dallas, Camille is on the front lines of many of the issues facing women in tech today, including the salary gap, representation in leadership and more. Camille and Anna discuss a number of diversity and inclusion challenges evident in today’s workplaces, including why it’s critical for women to overcome their fear of failure, why confidence is so important in risk taking, and how the #MeToo movement has heightened awareness of the need for equality. Camille also shares her take on how companies can truly embrace diversity and inclusion, and not just use it as a buzzword. Join Anna and learn from the strategies and accomplishments of this episode’s tech trailblazer.